77 F150 Ranger Project…and so it begins


I didn’t intend to add another vehicle to my garage, but it was way too hard to pass up this truck. 1977 Ford F-150 Ranger options with V8 390 or 400 engine, I will verify this soon, and C6 transmission. I bought it needing brake work, electrical work, and alot of TLC but overall she is in good shape. So what do you think I paid for it?

I love working on my trucks, and I love sharing it with everyone on the old interweb, please stay tuned as we restore our trucks this year!

I went through the dash and interior and pulled out all the aftermarket wiring that was used to ‘install’ the car stereo in the past, they didn’t do it professionally at all so I figured I’d pull it and do it all the way its supposed to be done. I came across some open wires that were cut and my challenge will be figuring out where they were connected to. Shouldn’t be too hard, I added some pictures of what I found. I’ll go through the repair manual and see if I can nail it down. I pulled the harness off and the part# is d3ab-14a459-fb, its cut off behind this harness, so Im unsure what it went to.

Electrical/ Interior Dome light restore
Continuing work on the electrical I have gone through the fuse box and replaced all the fuses that needed it, cleaned up all the aftermarket wiring and removed from truck. Im currently testing all electrical options and restoring them to factory. I’m still having an issue with the Fuel gauge and Oil pressure gauge, neither are working currently. I was able to get the dash illuminated but it appears I need to either change bulbs, or the left half of instrument cluster is not working or faulty. I will keep working on this as I button up the rest of the electrical issues. My interior dome light was not working so I took it apart and used my Dremel to clean up all the metal, painted it, and re-installed it…it works as it should now. I have included pictures.

We haven’t done much else, my budget on this truck is $1000, the goal is too get it reliable and working as it should for less than that by doing any work I can myself and restoring parts instead of buying new if possible. I have an appt to have the carb/fuel system looked at this week, hopeing a re-build and tuning will get her purring like a kitty again. Enjoy the pictures, until next time. take care.